NanoLego™ Scientific Molecular Blocks for Laboratory Instruction in Nanotechnology

Π has amalgamated technological know-how with innovation in the development of NanoLego™ Molecular Building-Blocks. These are a series of formulations of nanostructured compounds, smart materials, additives and condensates principally designed for use in academic institution laboratories for broadening the experience of both undergraduate and graduate students in the applications of nanotechnology, and for post graduate use in fulfilling their research obligations of fostering new research directions within a research group and in their pursuit of the quest to uncover new phenomena.

NanoLego™ Molecular Building-Blocks currently comprises of four different formulations each of which has been outfitted with chemistries that will enhance a laboratory demonstration of the quantized properties of smart materials; of how these smart materials can be easily fabricated and how the material properties can be exploited at the electrical, mechanical, thermal or optoelectronic level.

NanoLego™ Molecular Building-Blocks are specifically and proprietarily blended materials with optoelectronic and quantum properties can be safely used in an academic laboratory setting to teach those cutting edge scientific research and development methodologies that are currently being applied in industry to address technological issues such as next-generation high performance and multifunctional materials, non-invasive sensing and health monitoring technologies, energy storage, and transport. They can also be used by non-academic institutions for research and developmental activities in a crosscutting variety of fields. For further inquiries on the applicability of this product please send an email to

NanoLego™ Molecular Building Blocks LabKit


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4 different formulations (2 gm each) of optoelectronically-active, sp2 active and solvent processible materials that can be applied towards explaining the thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical, magnetic and the quantized nature of smart materials, and can be used for the laboratory demonstration of these applications.     Full support on the use of the formulations within the curriculum will also be provided.




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