Society and Lifestyle

So, "What is good living and what is proper living?"

David Adebimpe, 2006

One of the core reasons for the founding of Π is to do some good in the world. Yes, technology is can be enabling, but if all of its rudiments are not properly understood before being adopted for consumer use, it can easily become a negative determinant of our social outcome or even existence.

A typical example can be found in old days of when Rome was the cradle of civilization. Romans were technologically advanced to discover plumbing, which took care of a lot of public health issues; however, they made the pipes out of lead. So, what happened? People who had plumbing started dying of either dementia or lead poisoning…but the irony is that you had to be rich enough to afford the plumbing that will eventually bring death to you and your family! The grater impact of this to Rome was that all those that could afford being rich, the philosophers, businessmen, politicians, noblemen, clergy, all died off, changing the mental demographics of Rome, and the beginning of its fall.

Even in the present day, some of our "technological" advancements have led to the adoption of lifestyle and social trends that are more of a detriment to our living that an advantage. we know that there are some technologies and societal norms and lifestyles that have already been adopted that drastically affect our health, while some other measure s are drastically affecting the existence of other earthlings.

The trend these days is for "a few" to keep "a-many" in the dark. Most consumers of technology are blissfully stupid, in awe but at the mercy of the technology or lifestyle that they have been sold. Graced with an insight endowed through our collective, and with a fervent desire for the greater good, Π pitches expertise towards solving societal aspects that leads to greater impacts in our quality of life and redresses our understanding or our role within the broader context of the planet that we inhabit. At the moment, certain elements such as nutritional habits, social education and welfare, the search for alternative medicines and the effects of technology such as electromagnetic radiation and pharmaceuticalization on human beings, will all be investigated, and findings will be packaged into consumables that really benefit society or into an appropriate communiqué that will lead to an increased enlightenment of the average consumer.

Watch out for more developments in this area very soon...